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Lapis Lazuli from Chile and the Making of a Signet Ring

Posted by Alicia Arkwright on

Lapis Lazuli Mens Signet Ring

This custom men's signet ring was crafted entirely from start to finish. Beginning with a raw chunk of Chilean Lapis Lazuli to the final polish of the recycled sterling silver. This ring is solid metal and created with a technique called lost wax casting.

A little insider knowledge, my first go at this ring I ended up cracking the stone during the finishing phase. It was a huge bummer, but once I had my moment of grief I got back into the studio, cut another stone, and finished the ring you see above. 

Kudos to my partner Nick for always being up to model when I need it (this is his hand).


Step 1: Cutting the Stone 

Chilean Lapis Lazuli


Chilean Lapis Lazuli


Chilean Lapis Lazuli


Lapis lazuli chilean


Step 2: Forming the Ring

Wax Carving Tools


Wax Carving Ring


Lost wax casting carving


Lost wax casting ring


Step 3: Finishing the Ring

Lost wax casting silver signet ring


Silver ring polishing cloth


Silver lapis lazuli signet ring

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Did you enjoy seeing the process?


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