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Top Eight Eco-Fashion Finds For the Spring

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Conscious Clothing Boardwalk Dress

Linen is a must for summer, well let's be honest, it's a must layer for the colder months too. It's breathable, light, durable, and only gets better with wear. The boardwalk dress has pockets and comes in a multitude of different colors. Conscious Clothing is a Michigan based company defined by its ethos and fully transparent. They have an entire page dedicated to educating their customers about the ins and outs of their sustainability practices. One aspect that stands out is all of their pieces are made to order in-house. I highly recommend checking out their studio on Instagram. It's simply g o r g e o u s. Another high point is all of their fabrics are biodegradable which means at the end of a garments life cycle you can "discarded [it] in your compost pile." 
Bryr Chloe Closed Toe Clogs

2. Bryr Chloe Closed Toe Clogs $268

Mustard yellow is dreamy. These closed toed clogs are the perfect year-round shoe. In the summertime pair them with a royal blue tank and jeans or a blush floral summer dress and find yourself a rooftop brunch spot. Or come fall add a pair of burnt orange socks, cut-offs, and a cozy sweater and find yourself around a bonfire. Bryr is an all-women team based in San Francisco. They use American leather and European wood to construct their made-to-order shoes. If you prefer open toes, they have a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from. They also offer a custom heel stamp if you are looking for a pair of shoes for a special occasion. 


rosemarine blush linen
Neck scarf or headscarf this linen bandana is quite sweet. It is thoughtfully dyed by Detroit based company Rosemarine Textiles using leftover food waste and plant material from local businesses. This particular color of blush is created by using avocado skins and pits.  Rosemarine uses eco-conscious manufacturing practices to limit their companies wastage by "recycl[ing] greywater for plant watering" and "compost[ing] all plant material after the dyeing process." 



4. Heirloom Arbor Straw Structured Visor $160

I'm already basking on a Lake Michigan beach catching sunny rays in this visor. With a meticulous eye, Montreal based designer Samantha-Tara Mainville of Heirloom hand makes each hat with flawless originality. Her intention for each piece is to create something to be passed down through the generations. Be sure to catch a glimpse of her mesmerizing process.     



5. Mara Hoffman Goldie Bikini Bottom $140; Lua Bikini Top $165 

Little black dress, meet little black bikini. Mara Hoffman provides its customers with an abundant amount of information about their process. They focus on sourcing their materials from recycled plastic such as fishing nets, bottles, and industrial waste. Other materials used in creating a product are sometimes overlooked such as tags and packaging, but this company has dedicated a page to detailing their material sources and process for each. Mara Hoffman partners with several organizations who support the fair treatment and wages of workers as well as environmental vitality.


Alicia Arkwright Dawn Hoops

6. Alicia Arkwright Dawn Hoops $180

These hoops are handmade by me, hi. They have been essential in my wardrobe since creation. Materials used are all Fairmined and every piece is cast in-house. The metal and process are traceable from mine to the jewelry box. If you're not a large hoop person they also come in the mini variety.  



7. Unravel Co. Baba Straw Tote $175

Whether you are looking for a bag to carry blankets and beverages to a picnic or pick up produce from the farmers market, a straw basket it should be. Unravel Co. is transparent in its mission to become a means for communities in Ghana to generate economic viability by way of reaching a larger consumer base. All baskets are handmade by skilled weavers who have a direct influence on how profits are distributed throughout their community. This company prides itself on its grassroots initiatives


8. Rare Earth Skincare Sun Cream $28

Number one, sunscreen - Jonathan Van Ness

It's difficult to find a facial product in a glass container. In addition to the reusable container, this product is safe for water dwellers, the fish and other aquatic life spectacular. This cream is unscented, water resistant, safe for the babies, and moisturizes. Rare Earth Skincare knows what we put on our skin absorbs into our bloodstream, therefore, they strive to use the highest quality ingredients. Performs to 20+SPF.

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