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I'm a self-taught jeweler with educational roots in environmental science.

I grew up in Northern California surrounded by big nature. From a young age my grandpa made sure I was climbing rocks in the valleys of Yosemite and reading tales by Jack London or John Muir. I never thought at the time how I would be influenced by this time in my life, but decades after he has passed I always find myself adjusting my course and aligning with his teachings. Study nature, preserve nature.

During college, I studied the social and environmental impacts of industrialized societies and made jewelry on my down time (or when I was procrastinating on a paper). I found myself frequently ebbing and flowing between creating and learning. With this jewelry project I strive to integrate these two paths and dance between art and advocacy.

I strive to make beautiful, quality jewelry that will last lifetimes as well as positively impact the communities and restore the environment from where the materials came. Mining itself is inherently unsustainable from a preservation lens, however, the demand for minerals doesn’t seem to be slowing. Finding ways to include practices like environmental restoration and no child labor will ultimately influence the system of future mining models. 

This mine is changing the status quo and helping to create a better mining model > 

Although it may feel like as a single individual our choices don’t make an impact, but humans are a collective force and have proven to create positive change through grassroots efforts. It’s important to remember brands want to provide goods and services people want to purchase, therefore you are not just a drop in the bucket, your choices will create an ocean of change.

If you're here I am guessing you too care about making a positive impact. With your purchase of AA jewelry you are contributing to a much larger picture and supporting more then a single person. There are miners, gem cutters, family owned businesses, non-profit organizations, and many others who benefit from your choice.

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