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Jewelry in the Making

Grind it.

After the stones are sourced I spend time cutting the materials with a technique called Lapidary. It all starts with drawing out the shape of the stone you’d like and grinding it down on a series of 6 sandpaper wheels from 80 grit all the way down to 3000 grit.

Sculpt it.

For this particular piece I cut a piece of wax first making a seat for the stone and then chipping away at the outer edges. Most of this work is freehanded takes a couple hours to get just right. Once the wax is finished the ring is set in plaster and melted out in a kiln for 12 hours.

Wear it.

After the wax has been removed from the plaster molten silver is poured into mold to replace what was the wax. This process is called Lost Wax Casting. The final steps are to sand and polish the ring, set the stone, package it up, and mail it off to its new home!

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