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Jewelry With Aspirations

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Ethically Sourced.

All metal used is either recycled or Fairmined and gemstones are sourced directly back to the mine whenever possible.More information about the materials used are outlined in each products description.
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Slowly Crafted.

Quality is the sum of good ingredients and the time spent in during creating. A piece of jewelry sourced from fine materials and crafted with the upmost attention will last lifetimes. Surround yourself with pieces you love and invest the time to care for them.
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Sharing Knowledge.

The only way to create change is by sharing knowledge. We are in this world together and can only make progress by lifting one another up. Conscious Jewelry Collective is a space dedicated to sharing tips and resources for jewelry businesses to build sustainability into the fabric of their operations.
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Giving Back.

In efforts to offset my carbon footprint for every purchase 1% of the profit is donated to The Bay Foundation who is actively rehabilitating Giant Kelp (also called sea trees) forests along the California coast. Giant Kelp grows at a rate of roughly 1 foot per day and has the capacity to absorb up to 20 percent more carbon from the atmosphere then land based forests.
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