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The Repair Shop

Why repair?

Each little stone and all of the metal used in your jewelry was mined, cut, and set in the jewelry you wear. That piece of jewelry connects you to many other people who through time and skill brought it into the world. You are apart of it's story too- the wearer, the appreciator, the caretaker. By repairing your jewelry you are giving it a second life for you or someone else.

You also are able to repurpose your old jewelry and make it into something new giving your materials a second chance. Do you have an engagement ring you'd like redesigned? How about old jewelry you'll never wear? Let's make it into something new or turn it in for credit.


How it works.

1. Contact Me.

Send me an email through my contact page to begin the process. In your email be sure to include a picture and a note detailing what you're looking to accomplish. This could be anything from repairing a prong to an engagement ring redesign.

2. Evaluation.

During our emails back and forth we will talk about the work you'd like to have done and the costs and credits associated. Metal and gemstones hold their value, therefore redesigns may be eligible for a credit.

3. Choose design or refine (for redesigns and old jewelry).

With a redesign we may be able to use all or some of your current jewelry. This is the point where you can decide if you'd like it to be made into something new or sent in to be refined and issued a credit.

4. Send in your jewelry.

Once we have decided on the direction you'd like to go send in your jewelry to begin the process. I will email you a shipping label to send in your jewelry. 

5. Wear it or Credit.

Repairs take about 2 weeks to be completed while redesigns will be handled on a case by case basis. If you choose to refine your old jewelry please allow between 3-4 weeks to receive your credit.